Car Servicing and Maintenance Checks in Birmingham and the West Midlands

To help you keep on top of your vehicle’s servicing schedule, we offer regular car servicing and maintenance checks in Birmingham and the West Midlands. For your peace of mind, our mechanics thoroughly check your vehicle for any problems, helping you to prevent potentially costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Regular Maintenance Checks

At Tyburn Service Centre, we’ve established ourselves as reliable and local mechanics and cater for cars of all makes and models. In our garage, we use modern equipment to identify potential issues beforehand, while maintaining the working components that are essential for the functionality and safety of your car. No matter what your needs or budget, our skilled technicians will provide convenient car services.

Fixed Prices for Minor Servicing

For minor services, prices are fixed, depending on the oil specification. *

  • Up to 1000cc – £59.00
  • 1001cc to 1300cc – £69.00
  • 1301 to 1600cc – £79.00
  • 1601cc to 2000cc – £89.00
  • 2001cc to 2500cc – £99.00

* Prices Include VAT

Services We Offer

  • Vehicle Light Checks
  • Brake Checks
  • Oil and Oil Filter Replacements
  • Tyre Pressure Checks
  • Lubricant Checks

Is Your Car Safe?

It is important to know that your car is roadworthy at all times. Our safety checks are designed to pick up on any issue and provide a suitable solution. This will help lessen the likelihood of hidden costs in the future and also keep your car in a great condition

Contact us to book your car in for servicing and maintenance in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

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